Helping your communication

Sometimes our clients have an organisational challenge to meet. Perhaps there is potential growth area to be explored. But sometimes there is simply a sense within those running businesses and projects that to increase revenue they could be communicating better with each other and their customers.

The aim of Anna Lodge Consulting is to match communications professionals with organisations that need this support to have impact internally and externally. We bring to your team passionate professionals, creative developers, strategic thinkers and expert doers. So from business plan to sales we can help.

What we do

You can read more about this in our services section but by way of introduction here is what we have recently helped organisations do:

  • Service or product diversification
  • Business planning
  • Strategic marketing and communications
  • Communications training
  • Social media management
  • Understanding your clients
  • Community engagement

Perhaps you want ideas about how to improve your communications, or you already have them. Whatever your situation, we would like to talk to you about making the most impact inside and outside your business.

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How we work

Tell us your plans, ambitions, challenges, problems. We will meet with you as many times as it takes for us to plan how to reach your objectives. With you, we will then set up a timeline and targets. We can work with you remotely or in person. Some of our clients are international whilst others are just down the road.

We will quote you a fair rate for the work. We will match it with dedication to the project from start to finish, ensuring you get affordable and effective activities underway as swiftly as possible.

You can start talking to us now. Call +44 (0) 7967 810 911 or email now to set-up a free, no-obligation consultation. Alternatively for some engaging and useful tips and thoughts from the world of communications visit our social media profiles and blog.

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Director, Anna Lodge

Anna Lodge has been in marketing, PR, project management and customer services for over 18 years. Her focus is on ensuring authentic messages about companies and organisations reach the people that want or need to hear them.

Recent clients managed by Anna can be seen on the client’s page of this website. They include Carbon Visuals, The Sharpham Trust and research in practice.

Previous roles include Communications and Marketing Manager at Schumacher College, Dartington; Training and Events Manager at the Refugee Council; Senior Project Officer at the BioRegional Development Group; Intern at the Institute for Public Policy Research.

All organisations of all shapes and sizes can benefit from a little external support from time to time‚ to supplement their own staff or to add fresh approach and discreet skill set. Anna Lodge Consulting was set up to support this work, to help businesses meet and exceed their income targets whilst engaging in some of the most creative aspects of communications.

Anna enjoys working with entrepreneurial and professional people. She has built up a network of like-minded individuals that deliver a portfolio of services. The benefit for you is simple, clear and effective marketing and communications within a wide spectrum of activities.

If you are interested in becoming part of the network of suppliers for Anna Lodge Consulting then please get in contact.

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