At Anna Lodge Consulting we help organisations and businesses to build a sustainable income and a positive working process for both external and internal communications.

The project is different with each client. It could be anything from developing a leaflet campaign to working out full messaging, PR and social media plan and internal communication strategy. We have an impressive track record working with a number of organisations to raise their profiles and income.

Diversifying your income

  • Public sector commissioning applications
  • Product development plans
  • Marketing strategy
  • Business planning

We can produce the marketing strategy for your business plan, or audit your existing activities. We want to help you and your team respond to change in a way that has positive effect for the whole of your operation. If you need support in delivering your marketing for a new area of your work we can do that too.

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Conversing with your clients

  • Social media management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Consultation processes
  • Community engagement
  • Project development plans

Excellent communications plans and activities can help you at any point in your business development cycle. There are many ways to engage your customers in your business. We can help you find the right method of talking to your customers at the right time.

You need the tools that work best at selling and evaluating your products or services as well as those that fit your budget and business style. We can even help you recruit the staff to help you deliver your consultation, marketing or PR temporarily or in the long run.

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Strengthening your staff base

  • Integrating social media within your team
  • Training on marketing strategy and delivery
  • Mentoring communications staff
  • Staff consultation and product development workshops

If your team are effective your organisation is more likely to be so. Partly this is because people do business with people. But also, this is about sustainability of the business structure in changing times. And, of course, the ability to be nimble within your sector.

Whether you have dedicated marketing staff or incorporate your communications functions in other ways, all businesses need staff who are experienced and well trained. We can support you and your teams to develop the skills they need to communicate effectively with each other and your customers. Enabling your staff will give you confidence in your team, empowered to build strong and lasting relationships with your customers.

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